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Morning Fix From the Greenhouse

There is nothing more rewarding then home grown spinach from your backyard greenhouse! Mixed with carrots and some celery for garnish (also from the garden) and voila – a natural boost before work! And by the way, I am not saying these are the only veggies you should be having for the day, as this seems to be a popular debate around our dinner table! This is just an all-in-one vitamin juice to get you started for the day – ie. an ADDED boost, not the ONLY boost!

I mentioned before that I was spending around 37 bucks every day to get my veggie juice fix, so I went out and bought a juicer and have never looked back. Now it’s all about how to keep the spinach growing in a natural supply and demand environment. It’s not ideal when you run out! I have even taken to growing it underneath my work bench and in-between the flowers beds in the garden. If there is spare soil, I gotta plant more spinach!

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original article http://www.popyacollar.co.za/2014/09/04/morning-fix-from-the-greenhouse/