About Us

Urban Freedom – A holistic family business

We are of Italian origin and firmly believe in slow food and nourishing home cooked meals. We love  fresh herbs, chilli and greens and tomatoes and it is this passion for quality food that has driven us to manufacture a greenhouse that everyone can use.


Heirloom vegetables are a particular passion and there is nothing more delicious than Italian purple broccoli, magnificent tomatoes and other tasty and traditional produce. We are constantly experimenting to see what we can grow and are looking forward to results.

  • Lemons are a garden essential.
  • Savoy Cabbage, delicious and attractive.
  • Lovely freshly picked chills from the greenhouse.

Our parent company, Armafix Engineering was established in 1969 and originally manufactured mining equipment. The business relocated to the Western Cape a few years ago and we quickly realised that vegetable gardening in the windy, sandy conditions here is not easy. As we want to eat fresh, organic produce it was decided that a greenhouse would be the best solution. Of course you cannot just pop down to the shop and buy one, and being engineers it made sense to make our own.

Even your smallest child will love gardening in the greenhouse, its warm and sheltered for your children and your plants
Your children will love the thrill of watching seeds they have planted emerge from the soil.
Gardening in the greenhouse with your children is a really fun way for them to learn all about growing vegetables and many other little life lessons.

Our vision is closely linked to the name Urban Freedom. We want to empower all people living in urban areas the freedom to grow their own food. Not only for their health and wellbeing, but to help sustain our planet.


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