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Urban Freedom Greenhouses are available in standard 2m x 2m and 2m x 4m models for household use. If you require a larger unit they can be extended in 2m sections to become as large as you require. All greenhouses are constructed locally in Muizenberg using a combination of galvanised steel and plastic tubing for the structure and 180 micron food grade plastic on the outside. Our standard design model is a horticultural style greenhouse with a tunnel-house shaped roof and straight sides. There is plenty of room to stand up inside. All greenhouses come with a front door, back vent and basic irrigation running through the centre section of the roof frame.

Harry Goemans 2015

Super Size Greenhouse 2x6

The new Urban Freedom Greenhouse with Table Mountain providing a magnificent background.

Custom Built Greenhouse baboon proof





Our vision is closely linked to the name Urban Freedom. We want to empower all people living in urban areas the freedom to grow their own food. Not only for their health and wellbeing, but to help sustain our planet.

Greenhouse - Luxury Size 3x6

Greenhouse 2x3



All you really need is enough space in your backyard. The greenhouse will be installed for you and there are a number of optional extras that we recommend.



Our most important recommendation is regarding the soil. Unless you have great soil (and most of us in the Western Cape do not) we suggest that along with the greenhouse you order some high quality organic soil. This will ensure that your plants have the best chance of thriving. A good quality soil is essential for plants to absorb all the vital nutrients they need to grow and later for us to consume. We also have a number of available options to expand the available growing area. Hanging baskets and clip-on troughs (see below) are all ways in which to maximise the space in the greenhouse. Heirloom seedlings, seeds and some larger plants are also available.


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