Greenhouses Additional information

The basic greenhouse package includes the frame, plastic skin and basic inbuilt irrigation. The irrigation is built in to the greenhouse structure and ensures your plants can be regularly doused with a fine misting of water as needed.

Have a look at our Specifications Page and Greenhouse FAQ Page for more even more information.


How much do they cost?

It is our intention to sell the product for a price that many people can afford as we really believe in empowering people to grow their own healthy food.  Please contact us for a price.


What is the frame made from?

The basic greenhouse frame is constructed using a combination galvanised steel and PVC. If you require something even more durable we can give you the option of using stainless steel.


What plastic is used?

The skin is 180-micron food grade plastic. It is UVA and UVB resistant and has a food compliance certificate.


What about installation?

The installation process involves digging a hole the same size as the greenhouse. The frame is erected and the plastic stretched around it. The plastic is then continued in to the hole and soil (preferably organic compost) is put back in to the hole on top of the plastic. This ensures that even in the strongest wind your greenhouse is going to stay put. The addition of new soil also ensures a rich and nourishing environment for your new plants. The digging of the hole also ensures good drainage for your beds.


Watch one of our greenhouses go up at OZCF
Oranjezicht City Farm, Cape Town.


And irrigation?

The greenhouse will come with a connection for your garden hose. Turning on the hose for 5-10 min per day is usually enough water, but this will depend on your area, the season and what you are growing. Some people put in a basic irrigation timer and this can help with accurate water usage as well as peace of mind.


Will the greenhouse blow away?

Good question! No, we dig the greenhouse in to the garden and use the weight of the soil to keep the greenhouse firmly grounded.  Even at our workshop in Muizenberg, where we get some serious wind, our greenhouses are all still happily in place.


And baboons?

So far we have not had any greenhouses invaded by baboons.  Its possible they could learn about greenhouses, they are very clever creatures, but so far all the plants have been safe.  We have greenhouses both Simonstown and Fishoek where there are baboon issues.  Obviously as long as you keep the door closed the greenhouse will protect your plants from any other hungry animals – rabbits, porcupines, guinea-fowl, goats, bokkies… its been really interesting to hear how many different animals like to eat our customer’s gardens!