Greenhouse utalized Accessories

At Urban Freedom we manufacture greenhouse accessories that will significantly increase your vertical growing space. Unlike a traditional tunnel house the vertical walls of an Urban Freedom Greenhouse can be utalized as additional growing space.


All our greenhouses are designed to maximise growth space efficiency. The idea is that you grow on the soil floor as well as up the walls.  Our unique clip-on trough system makes perfect use of this additional space.

We also have ‘cannelloni’ which are coir lined, wire mesh, vertical tube growing systems.  These are perfect for strawberries or any other smallish plant and also make excellent use of vertical space.



We have two sizes.  Slender is 200mm across, 1.2m wide and 150mm deep.  The Large is 350mm across, 1.2m wide and also 150mm deep.


Our troughs are perfect for anything with a shallow root system.  Smaller leafy greens such as lettuce is the perfect plant, especially for the shaded side of the greenhouse.
Herbs and spinach do well in the troughs as well as companion flowers such as marigold.




Our brackets are custom-made for the Urban Freedom greenhouse and you will find them more affordable than those available commercially.  We have 2 sizes, a 200mm and a 350mm.  The size refers to the depth of the shelf you can place on the bracket. 200mm is good towards the top of the greenhouse and its really useful to have a shelf for your seed propagation, string, plant ties, scissors, gardening gloves and all the other bits and pieces that you need. The 350mm version is better lower down where you have more space and can easily hold a shelf with seed trays.



Cannelloni – vertical growing tubes

Urban Freedom’s Italian heritage comes through with the naming of our upright growing tubes.  The cannelloni are manufactured from the same large gauge wire mesh as the troughs, lined with coir, filled with quality compost and then either suspended or placed on the ground.  They are 350mm in diameter.  Small is 300mm tall and large is 600mm tall. We have used them to grow strawberries with great success.  We have even used them as a planter and have been growing a blueberry bush in one.  Multiple plants can share the same container.  You can make holes in the coir and plant small herbs along the sides.



Drip Irrigation

Drip Irrigation is an alternative system to the overhead mist irrigation that comes standard with an Urban Freedom Greenhouse.  Because it uses a lot more irrigation tubing it costs a little extra.

Newly planted troughs. Using the vertical space in your greenhouse can almost double growing potential.

The drip irrigation system is excellent for water saving as well as ensuring every drop of water gets directly to where it is most needed, at the root.

This system is also particularly effective with plants like tomatoes that do not like to get too humid.  When their leaves spend too much time wet they tend to suffer badly from grey leaf mould.


Once you have your accessories and are ready to plant you are going to need seeds and seedlings.  Check out our blog on where to buy organic seeds and seedlings to order some gorgeous heirloom vegetables online.