Greenhouse sizes and options

Our standard design model is a horticultural style greenhouse with a tunnel-house shaped roof and straight sides. There is plenty of room to stand up inside. All greenhouses come with a front door, back vent and basic irrigation running through the centre section of the roof frame.


Compact Size 2×2

The most basic of the modular greenhouses is the 2m x 2m. This small, yet efficient, greenhouse will comfortably produce enough food for a two people with moderate requirements.  Making use of the vertical space is a great way to almost double the available planting area for vegetable production.

Greenhouses - 2x2 - Foodbarn

Custom Size 2×3

Perfect for a small family!

Greenhouse 2x3

Family Size 2×4

The most popular model is the 2m x 4m greenhouse. This will easily produce enough food for a family of 5, but with use of the optional side troughs and hangers even more food can be produced.

Harry Goemans 2015

Super Size 2×6

2 door model. Long and lean with lots of room to grow vertically.

Super Size Greenhouse 2x6

Custom Luxury Size 3×5

Wide and spacious

Luxury Size 3×6

Perfect if you are an avid gardener or on the path “commercial urban farming”.

Greenhouse - Luxury Size 3x6

Custom Built

Whether you need mesh-clad, specific sizes or shapes – it can be done!


Commercial Applications

As our product is modular it can be manufactured to any specified length for commercial use. Please contact us for a quotation on large-scale projects or bulk purchase orders. Wholesale rates are available on request.


NGO, Project or Charity Orders

We are particularly interested in establishing sustainable growing projects in marginal and previously disadvantaged areas. We sincerely believe that the ability to produce of your own food can significantly help alleviate poverty and improve nutrition in poorer communities. If your charity or NGO is interested in making use of our product to empower and feed people in need please contact us to talk about a special price.