Inspiration – TED Talk by Ron Finley

Ron Finley is an inspiration to us here at Urban Freedom.  His TED Talk on being a “Guerilla Gardener” in South-Central Los Angeles is really worth watching.  You can find the talk here: TED Talk – Ron Finley We really hope you enjoy this as much as we did.

Good use of vertical space in this newly established greenhouse

New Greenhouse shows impressive winter growth

Its so exciting to receive pictures from happy customers.  These pictures are of a recently established Urban Freedom Greenhouse.  This new greenhouse is only 2 months old and has not yet seen summer.  It was erected in June and now, on the cusp of August we can already see some impressive growth. Winter is not […]

Winter Planting

It seems like winter is taking a long time to arrive this year.  And while I am not complaining, it does seem a bit strange to be out in the sun planting winter vegetables. The greenhouse does give an extended growing season and our tomatoes, basil and chillis (all more summery crops) are still thriving. […]